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The Art of Story

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Discussion of Chapter 7: The Art of Story


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Comments (3)

Anonymous said

at 11:11 pm on Jul 15, 2008

I like the storyboard idea...no, I love it! It's such a visual way to illustrate the various ways a narrative could be organized...flashbacks, for example. When studying House on Mango Street, my students write a ten-chapter novelette...definitly going to use this idea as a prewriting activity...might scan their cards (I'm thinking of using index cards) and use them as visuals/pics within their chapters. Again, I'm so impressed with all the one-on-one with her students...inspirational! Thanks!

Anonymous said

at 11:20 pm on Jul 17, 2008

I too love the storyboard idea...although I am a little anxious about my drawing/sketching skills (stick figures count, right?)! I really like the idea of cutting all the pictures apart and moving them about physically to show students how they can 'play' with their writing and easily make alterations. I feel good about my own teaching in that I have always started with narrative writing units (yea, I'm doing something right!). Those first brainstorming sessions are electric because students do get excited and bounce ideas off one another. I also think that a community of trust is being nourished by sharing the stories of our lives. It is when students begin sharing those moments with their peers (and teacher) that they really begin to see what they do have in common and (sometimes) are more willing to take risks in their writing.
Wow...24 student conferences in a single period! I'm a little overwhelmed by that...keeping the sessions short will be one of my struggles. I also need to really work on keeping a clipboard with me at all times to track student progress, ideas, concerns, etc.
Tammy, I really like your novelette idea...I just might have to borrow/steal that one!

Anonymous said

at 11:30 pm on Jul 17, 2008

Please use it...with this project, they drafted their chapters in their writer's notebooks...edited...revised. Then we printed them in booklet format in Word...they were published authors!

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