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Student Focus: Kelsey

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Discussion of Student Focus: Kelsey


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Comments (3)

Anonymous said

at 7:36 pm on Jul 9, 2008

How many Kelsey's have passed through our doors over the years?! We do have to remember that our "Kelsey's need to be welcomed into my workshop every day, no matter how disruptive it was. Kelsey needs me to see what is possible, to search and listen to her and ignore my instinct to nag and lecture (99)."

Dana Huff said

at 12:23 am on Jul 12, 2008

I had a Kelsey this last year and didn't realize it until I spoke with the college counselor who told me she lived alone and was practically raising herself, as her mom and stepdad were newly married and she was kind of "in the way." Really sad. She is a cute girl, too, and very nice. But she missed about a day a week. I just did my best to let her make up work and tried to be understanding, but I remember she had my department head (who has since left -- I'll be dept. head next year) had her, and she was really resentful. I tried to tell her I don't know how many times about this girl's situation, but she wouldn't hear it. It was really frustrating.

Anonymous said

at 9:33 pm on Jul 13, 2008

We have probably all had a Kelsy...we have students who live at the Girls'/Boys' Ranch...and their stories are heart-breaking. I have to admit...I bend with those who work with me...sometimes, I have bent a lot...and felt great while doing it!
As I think of three students I had last year, a common thread amongst them? They all loved to read. Maybe this is an escape for them that I need to encourage even more?

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