Book Club Members ! Welcome to Our Book Club.


This wiki is a collaboration among educators reading and discussing book(s)--hopefully we'll love it so much we'll want to read more together!

Dana Huff asked teachers to join her in reading and discussing Write Beside Them.

Lisa Huff suggested a wiki to help unite the several teachers who have committed to reading and discussing the book.


So, here we are--excited about learning together. As content on the wiki grows, tracking discussions and new content added across several pages

can grow burdensome. An easy solution is subscribing to the wiki via RSS. Learn more.


We'd love to have you join us as we create a summer book club.


You can join by adding your name to the Members' page. Then, feel free to jump in the discussion. Dana has created a Reading Schedule.  Please read the Discussion page for information on how to post.



The invite key is teacher.